I Dig Biophilia!

Sorry, what? I thought you said...


I know, sounds like something you're not even SURE you should ask questions about...


Biophilia is the suggestion that humans crave connectivity to nature and other living things.

Biophilic Design realizes the absence of nature in our highly technological-driven, modern lives that while advances have technically made our lives "better" we are more wrought with depression and anxiety than ever before.

A direct link between our connectivity to the natural world and our well-being can be attributed to the relationship we as individuals have for nature, and increasingly the lack there-of.

Living in symbiotic relationship with our natural world is proven to improve over-all well-being, enhance clarity, encourage creativity, and assist healing in people suffering from dis-ease.

In fact, the process of photosynthesis in plants is effective in clearing VOCs' from the air. Off gassing from paints, furniture, cleaning supplies, and even your printer can be effectively eliminated simply by maintaining a stunning living wall in your home.


While it's not as popular in residential design as it SHOULD be, we realize this concept is pretty far-out by North American standards. Huge techno giants like Etsy and Amazon are utilizing Biophilic Design in their corporate offices and production facilities to encourage and support the health and well-being of those under their employ.

Etsy's Manhattan Office

Etsy Corporate Office in Manhattan


How about, now?

Assess your home and where you work and see where you can add more greenery. Want to take it even FURTHER? Let's talk!


In Western Canada and the United States forest fires have been raging for the last few years and are causing some serious damage to our health and well-being. Picture a Four-Plex something like this, where the common space is enclosed and houses it's own eco-system. If you step into the common area you are now surrounded by the peace, tranquility, and clean air that isn't available outside during the forest fire season.

Multi-Family Biophilic Design


Here are some more ideas that we've nabbed from the internet that we feel could be incorporated into Residential Design locally.