The West Bench area of Penticton is highly sought after among locals. As the name suggests, the neighborhood is situated on the western side of the Okanagan Valley, overlooking the sparkling waters of Okanagan Lake + the city lights of Penticton.

The homeowners moved to Penticton + purchased the property to live closer to their daughter + her growing family, but they wanted to find a fixer-upper + retain some profit when it came time to sell. They found this property with the help of their realtor, and got a screamin' deal - but it needed A LOT of work.

David + I came on board with the project after the sale was finalized, and wasted no time getting up there for our initial walk-thru.

As soon as we got there we realized we were walking straight into a home of many colours! We can appreciate the former tenants desire to make a creative space for their family - but whoa. We could tell we had our work cut out for us.

After the measurements were taken David got to work on building the 3D model of the existing property. From there he could begin to design the renovation + by using 3D modelling software we were able to really show the homeowners what potential the home had.

David loves taking an existing house that is so commonly seen on streets all across Canada + transform them into something so contemporary, so original + so incredible that people seek him out to help them with this type of renovation.

Once the 3D renderings were finalized by the homeowners, we continued to consult for them as they navigated the project with the help of friends, family + a few of our recommended local contractors.


The house turned out just awesome! Penticton has a lot of Traditional style homes, so this contemporary, industrial, eclectic beauty is sure to stand out from the rest! The homeowners did a really great job on their West Bench House fixer-upper, the end result is something they should be very proud of!

Photos courtesy of Lisa Haywood Photography